Hair Transplant in Hyderabad

Hair Loss & Baldness Reasons

Major reasons for hair loss include genetics, stress, drinking water and air quality, pollution, etc. Balding men who suffer at a young age need to read more about DHT or Di-hydro-testosterone to understand their hair loss. This hormone affects hair growth adversely. It attaches itself at the roots of hair strands and makes it impossible for the roots to enrich themselves through proper nourishment. Baldness does not generally lead to any negative effects on the other parts of development. However, sometimes baldness is caused by severe reasons such as such as cancer, the side effect of medications, thyroid and anabolic steroid.

What is a Hair transplantation surgery?

Hair Transplant surgery replaces DHT affected hair follicles on top of a scalp by DHT resistant hair follicles, which are located at the back of a scalp. To cover large bald patches, surgeons also extract hair from the sides and in rare cases, from the body as well.  

iGraft Global Hair Services
iGraft Global Hair Services

Role of a Hair Transplant Surgery

The role of hair transplant surgery is a medical one as well as an aesthetic one. The medical part involves removing DHT deposited roots from the bald area. Additionally, in order to give you the desired look, the surgeon should be able to calculate the amount of hair you need. A little mistake here can be very costly as one can end up displaying bald patches in both parts of the scalp. Hence, the surgeon should be able to envision your look before performing the final implant.

Non-Surgical Solutions for Hair Growth

Losing 50-100 hair strands a day is normal. However, if you start losing more than 100 hair a day, you should consult a hair clinic. At this point of time, clinics like ours would present non-surgical solutions for you. These options include medications, Cold Beam Laser Treatment (CBL), Cosmetic Lace and Rich Plasma Platelet Laser Service (RPPL).

Cosmetic Lace is a custom built hair lace system which is designed to suit the skin tone and lifestyle of a client. This hair lace can be fixed to your scalp and is visually undetectable. To know more about this solution, click here. On the other hand, if you are interested in growing your natural hair, you can consider undergoing a Cold Beam Laser Treatment (CBL). This treatment energises the centre of hair cells to make them more active. This increased activeness results in higher blood flow, intake of more oxygen, platelets to heal the balding area effectively. This treatment is considered extremely safe; pregnant women can also use it for hair restoration. To know more about this treatment, click here.

Rich Plasma Platelet Laser Service (RPPL) is an ideal solution for high levels of hair loss. This treatment is a combination of hair growth medications, CBL and derma roller treatment. This treatment aims to clean DHT deposited at hair roots, rejuvenate blood supply and adds essential minerals for hair growth. To know the exact RPPL treatment session by session, click here.        

Surgical Solutions for Hair Growth

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are two surgical methods of hair implants. An FUT method removes a small strip of tissue from the back of a scalp. Hair follicles are later extracted from this tissue for implantation. During an FUE extraction, individual hair strands are removed using a punch tool. These two methods implant hair in the same manner in the recipient bald area.

Individuals can also opt for a more advanced method of hair implant which is Direct Follicle Implant (DFI). In this method, hair extracted from the back of the scalp are immediately implanted in the bald area. During a traditional implant method, delay in implanting hair follicles can lower the quality of grafts due to uncertain exposure to the environment. DFI improves the quality of grafts as well as lowers follicle wastage. To learn more about DFI, click here.      

Hair Transplant in Hyderabad

Hair Transplant in Hyderabad City

If you are thinking of getting a hair transplant, the question you should ask yourself is; why not Hyderabad? The city is a boon to the people who were lucky to be born in this very place. The glory of Hyderabad did not end with the riches of Nizam, but those riches are safely passed down as a delightful historical treasure. Hyderabad has also added an oomph of glamour to its daily life unlike any other city in India.Daily sightings of cinema stars, movie shootings, one of the best Film City in India is only a glimpse of the beauty that Hyderabad holds. Getting a hair transplant in Hyderabad at our VIP studio in Film Nagar, would a treat to sore eyes and to a bald scalp!          

Hair Transplant costs in Hyderabad

Hair transplant costs in Hyderabad and in most parts of India are usually calculated on the basis of per graft. These costs in India can vary between 40 Rupees to 100 Rupees per graft. Keep in mind that calculating hair transplant costs is not as straightforward as it sounds. In order to calculate the final amount, you need to know how many grafts you would need, the procedure to opt for, your donor area’s capacity for extraction and to top it all, one needs to be able to picture their ideal look. Hence, in order to know the exact cost required for your hair transplant in Hyderabad, give us a call at 1-800-3000-6342.