Zuti technique for beard transplant is one of the finest way to do a beard transplant. After the follicles one by one taken out of hair scalp .. They are treated for better results. Then are implanted back on the beard area. The beard transplant is a successful way to recreate the bread-line. enhance density of the beard and also recreate the complete beard as per requirement. This technique helps in not only selecting the right follicles from the back side of scalp but also enhances the durability of follicles, thanks to the follicle treatment.

Many get awesome look and also remake the beard-line. However, the limitation of any beard transplant is that since we are using backside of the scalp root, it depends on person root curl property. So if, we are taking a curly hair from back and implant it, it will grow curly.. However, many have back hair straight it grows straight.

Get your beard-line in just a Day