Are you losing your self-confidence with how you look because of your hair loss issues? Is your social, work life and relationships continuously affected? Are you running out of options on what to do with your hair loss? You can change all this. Now is the time to break away from all your anxieties and never have to face hair loss again.

People who have hair loss due to age, stress and other factors are continuously haunted by the way they look. Most feel that their self confidence have decreased because of the way that they look after suffering from this issue. As such, our clients have come to us, voicing these feelings and sentiments, hoping that our treatment can be the genuine answer for all these.

We have treated our clients who have suffered years and years of feeling inadequacy and unattractiveness because of their hair loss issues. We have treated clients who have encountered hair loss as early as they hit their twenties, and have stated the anguished feelings that they have since they feel that they are constricted to do what they want because of hair loss. Because majority of hair loss issues are related to genetics, even young adults are not free from having this. This is the reason why we would like to extend our scientific knowledge to assist them in regaining their life back, and continue enjoying their lives.

Most men who come to our studios share that they have already spent thousands of dollars in trying anything that can cure their hair loss problems—form hair loss pills that have side effects on erectile dysfunction and low sex drive, to hair growth shampoos that promise to promote hair growth even for balding men. Furthermore, there are clients who also tried wearing wigs or hairpieces and other type of hair loss camouflages.

This is the reason why we promote the D’FI™ / D’FI+™ / Hybrid™ technique in hair transplants & Lace systems  to people with hair loss issues. With our hair loss solution, clients will no longer have the need to worry about their hair loss issues after receiving treatment. We do not offer empty promises like other products and treatments. What we offer is the promise that people with hair loss issues will no longer have to face these problems again, after they have procedure with iGrafts techniques and step outside our clinic.

D’FI™ / D’FI+™ / Hybrid™ & Lace systems are not just a procedure, it bring back your life.

Happiness. Contentment. Pride. Confidence.

You do not have to lose all of these great feelings just because you have hair loss issues. Still, some who happen to have hair problems cannot avoid to feel lonely with what they are facing. This is the reason why we give you a chance to redeem your pride, contentment, confidence and happiness after your finished our D’FI™ / D’FI+™ / Hybrid™ hair transplant or Lace Units or RPPL™ hair regrowth procedure.

In addition, we remain in contact with our clients even after the procedure. We would like to ensure that they are able to regain they old life back, and even better. Our clients who have received our treatment report that they have more positive changes in their lives such as:

  • Improvement in their careers
  • Building new relationships
  • Wear a wide range of outfits that they haven’t tried before
  • Becoming more sociable
  • Becoming more respected by their peers

These positive changes are brought by the positive feeling that our clients have in themselves after receiving treatment. More self-confidence will quickly translate a better outlook and performance in life. They are now armed with the positive view in life that enables them to catch every opportunity and do anything that they can.

This is what we want to return to the lives of our clients. Make them regain their lives back and make it even better.