One of the greatest advantages of iGraft’s procedures is that it enables you to grow your hair out and style it in any way that you want. D’FI™ / D’FI+™ / Hybrid™ is a permanent solution to hair loss, giving you the flexibility to handle your hair in any way that you want. Lace systems give you your desires level of densities, even though you have no sufficient back hair to cover your full scalp.

During your consultation with our hair expert team and our doctors, you will have the opportunity to decide how you want your hair transplant or lace system procedure to be. Since we will be using your own hair follicles in transplanting them in the hair loss areas, you will have no worries that the transplanted hair will not match the other hairs on your head.

Furthermore, you can also dictate on which areas you would like hair to be transplanted on. You are the one who knew what your hair looked like before having hair loss problems; this is why you are the one who knows exactly what your hair should look like after the transplant. Our clinic staff and doctors will work with you closely to ensure that your hair loss issue will be taken care of.

Style your hair

Since the D’FI™ / D’FI+™ / Hybrid™ transplant is a permanent solution to hair loss that lets hair grows naturally, you can decide on how you want to style your hair once it grows out. After six months, you will have the option on how long you would like your hair to grow. Furthermore, after the transplant, you will be growing your hair normally, so you can style and perm it whenever you want to. Men and women who have received D’FI™ hair transplant from our clinics testify that they have never been happier with how their hair continues to grow healthily with each passing day. Unlike transplant procedure, Hair Lace system is the most uber cool way to get completion. We give you style which you always wanted.

There are no special shampoos or medications to be taken in to ensure that your hair will grow properly. Unlike other hair loss treatments that require you to spend more on aftercare medications and products, our hair transplant method will only require you to take special attention on the treated area for the first week after the treatment. This is why we promote the D’FI+™ hair transplant procedure for patients with hair loss issues. This is a long-term and permanent solution that does not require too much attention. You can take care of your hair just as how you have normally done before. No extra effort and attention needed.

We are proud of our record in giving our clients the highest satisfaction rating. This is because we give each of our hair procedure client a personalized experience just from the start.

Furthermore, we are proud of our highly skilled doctors who do the hair transplants on our clients. They have years of experience and a broad knowledge on this field, therefore assuring the clients that they are well taken care of. Lastly, we will always keep in contact with you for updates on how your hair transplant is proceeding, to ensure that we are with you in every step of the way towards regaining your hair and your life back. A dedicated support Team is there after you for 6 months,  because your results is our responsibility.