Hair Transplant is a branch of Cosmetic and Aesthetic surgery, where creative thinking and skilled hands are pre requisites. This is an art and therefore experience is a must for giving someone a look one wants. Thus for someone opting for hair transplantation it is of utmost importance to consult someone who combines experience with a good eye for aesthetics. For an experienced doctor the mind scans a patient the moment one walks into the doctor’s chamber and a mental picture is virtually ready in the mind. Such an expert will not only advise a patient wisely and honestly but also logically. Such is the effort of a venture called iGraft, which has been opened after noticing the numerous number of blotch hair jobs and required re hair transplants. The sole aim of iGraft™ is downsizing failed hair transplants and bringing in a true sense of confidence and smile back to a man who is otherwise facing each day of life as a losing battle of self confidence.

At iGraftwe understand the need for a man to talk to someone who would listen to him as an individual who suffers. We have a team of expert consultants who are exclusively trained in all the matters related to hair transplant – this includes the whole gamete of the process, the procedure, do and don’t pre and post procedure and general care. To ensure that our team is in sync with the concepts and the logics of the whole hair transplantation system, we hire graduates from the science stream only as their grounding in biology helps them understand the nuances of hair transplantation. Above all, we take pride in our team experts who are not only hair expert consultants but are individuals with over 5 years of experience in the industry which makes them well versed with the confusion and apprehensions of a person going in for a hair transplant. We call this team Hair Experts consultants.

As a venture i-Graft™ has some protocols or guidelines to follow. Once an individual decides to go ahead with i-Graft™ for hair transplant, the role of our Client Relation Managers come into play. They are a part of the i-Graft™ Customer Relations Management (CRM) team who are the point of maximum contact for the clients. The CRM team is in fact involved with the patient from the moment he walks in for a consultation till his last follow up with the doctors. The responsibility of keeping a client well informed and making sure that his appointments are not missed is this team’s focus. They representation of iGraft™ transparency policy with the clients lies to a great extent with the CRM team. Each and every CRM team member understands everything from the pre procedure guidelines till the regular follow ups. As such it is important for i-Graft™ to ensure that the client feels confident about the CRM member he interacts with. It is worth mentioning here that at i-Graft™ we do understand that many high profile individuals, who might be public figures, would like to keep their hair transplant procedures secret and not let the media feed on it. For such high net worth clientele we have our VIP services available and the CRM is geared to maintain and observe all the precautions needed.

Last but not the least the people whose skill set iGraft™ uses to materialize its vision of a good hair country – iGraft™’s panel of doctors. Veterans with several years of experience, iGraft™ panel of doctors hold the highest degree in Cosmetic surgery.