Our blood is plasma rich and has growth factors in it. This very characteristic and element of the blood is exploited when hair loss is treated with Rich Plasma Platelet Laser technique(TM). Depending upon the severity client is either recommended a 3 months or 6 months treatment course. Objective is simple, Clean DHT deposited from roots, Engage Blood supply & Add minerals.

What happens when one day a young man or a woman preparing to go to work looks into the mirror and see a prominent bald patch covered by a few strand of hair? Or if someone who had undergone chemotherapy and now has to face life with thin hair – thin to the point of being bald. The need here is not of a transplant straight away but to boost the hair growth by activating the dormant hair follicles.

The first session of every month will be Rich Plasma Platelets inserted into your scalp. At the very outset some of our blood is drawn out of our body. This is done just the way blood is drawn for any other tests. This blood is then put into the centrifuge. This machine accelerates the liquid very fast in such a way that the liquids of various density gets separated. This would take about twenty minutes at the maximum. Once done the platelet rich plasma which also comes out separated is ready to be administered on to the patient.

The head is cleaned or sterilized. There is no shaving or trimming of the hair required. This technique involves a dose of Local Anesthesia which makes the scalp go numb for receiving the injected dosage of the plasma. The rich plasma platelet is now injected into the scalp. This plasma will start showing results in about two months when a fuzz of hair will start growing indicating the activated hair follicles helping hair growth.

The next 3 session in that month (Once a week) will include Derma Roller and Laser Therapy for about 30 minutes per session which will help in stimulating your follicles so that the blood circulation and oxygen increases on your scalp.

It can help to thicken the existing hair and make it stronger and increase the life span of your existing hair along with facilitating hair growth where the follicles are alive.

The entire treatment will be 24 sessions (For 6 months).

However this treatment is not for everyone. Rich Plasma Platelets Laser cannot re grow hair on a completely bald patch.

After the failed creams, lotions, oils and herbs Rich Plasma Platelets Laser at least has a scientific explanation and can promise a breakthrough in the field of hair loss cure.