Get the Look you you HAD before instantly

Balding and hair loss is a common phenomenon not only among men but also women. However common it may be but it has the strength to suck up the self confidence of a person along with his happiness. Wearing wigs is also not a comfortable option because its existence is easily and clearly visible. The final option for such problem is hair lace system, the most advanced unit for bald area. If you do not want to go for any medical procedure or you want instant results, iGraft lace system is for you.

What is Hair Lace system?

Visually undetectable and invisible, hair lace system is a process at iGraft which is completely non-surgical and gives a natural hair line appearance. They can be styled and parted just like natural hair and reveals a realistic scalp which convincingly looks natural even upon close inspection.

Hair lace system is neither a hair transplant, which means the hair won’t naturally grow, nor it is a form of wig which means it will not be detectable.

Hair lace system is made up of a base which is custom made to suit the client’s lifestyle and skin tone and the area of the scalp that is balding. The base chosen is fitted in a plaster mould of the balding area of the scalp for a better fit. Human hair after processing and cleaning their enamel, 99.9% matching your existing hair color & texture are  robotically injected in the base of the lace with a desity like you had earlier. This unit can be fixed to your scalp. It doesn’t require unit to put off & put on all the time.

Advantages of Hair Lace System:

  • Undetectable pleating
  • Dense like your Lost original hair
  • Naturally defines the front hairline
  • Fits perfectly with tape or liquid adhesive
  • Base made up of extremely fine lace to give a perfect and natural skin look
  • No chances of infection as the Unit has pores made to sweat and oil of scalp outside
  • Unique robotics injection of hair in unit for cleaner and denser look
  • The hair strands are made up of the best virgin hair available in the market unlike the use of synthetic or animal hair used by others. Neither are the hair over treated by any type of chemicals and are naturally colored which lasts up to 6 to 12 months depending upon the use.
  • It has a very low maintenance cost and additional service to add new hair in due course is also offered.

Why Hair Lace system is the best?

The marking and designing of the mold of the bald area of our patients is done by professional, experienced and qualified stylist and their efficient team at iGraft. The best part about hair lace system is that it allows for the skin to breathe within the skin of the base which consequently avoids sweaty scalps and foreheads and the discomfort and itchiness associated with a wig. Secondly it does not damage the natural surrounding hair as no sort of weaving of the natural hair with the lace takes place.

Hair Lace System provides the look and feel of a full head of natural hair. It helps to bring about a dramatic change in a balding person’s life thus helping restore lost confidence and vitality in NO time.