Looking for “STOP HAIR FALL ” – CBL will help

cbl-treatmentWhen laser light therapy is applied to a target area – i.e. the roots in your scalp – it has been found to increase blood flow to wherever it’s being applied. With the specific wavelength (650-670 nm) of light CBL™ (Cold Beam Laser) Treatment stimulates the mitochondria (the energy center of our cells), resulting in cells being more active. When this happens, the cells metabolize faster, resulting in more blood flow. More blood flow means more oxygen, platelets, and other healing properties that our heart naturally produce to heal the affected area. The end result is a happy and a healthier scalp.

Who May Benefit from Cold Beam Laser (CBL™)

Laser therapy is best for patients who have existing hair which they’d prefer not to lose. It is easy to use and has no side effects. Over the years, many patients have chosen to simply let their hair loss progress as they did not wish to use chemical-based treatments. Laser light therapy provides no-side-effect. It can help you to stop Hair Fall.

How Long Will it Take for Cold Beam Laser (CBL™) Treatments to be Effective?

While we certainly wish it were, Cold Beam Laser (CBL™) is not a “miracle cure” for hair loss. Unfortunately it doesn’t resurrect or regrow hair that has been lost, but it is certainly helpful for those patients who still have hair that they want to save. It must be used consistently, 2-3 times per week for about 20-30 minutes per session. Typically patients will notice that their thinning or shedding subsides within the first 90 days (sometimes a bit longer), and those that have thickening usually see it around 4-6 months.