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Hair Transplant: Behind the Before and After Images

Hair Transplant: Behind the Before and After Images

If you have visited the iGraft clinic or get daily newsletters from us, chances are you have seen before and after images of a hair transplant. We hope you enjoy and get inspired by these images. We send these images to inspire confidence among customers who are unsure of a hair transplant surgery. These images also give out precise timelines for patients to understand the time frame it requires for a hair transplant surgery to restore hair growth. The following are a few questions that we often hear from customers about the before and after images.  

Are they real?

Hair transplant is a reliable and safe treatment for hair restoration. We want to sometimes shout out loud this obvious fact but simply have to resort to an acceptable explanation. Before and After images are taken from customers directly as hair clinics sign agreements with customers to share feedback after the treatment. This is an important agreement for us. Hair transplant treatment is yet to become a completely acceptable practice for bald people. Some people shy away from the treatment based on the perceptions of people around them. The before and after images give confidence and moral boost to these individuals as well as let them know that against their worst fears, a hair transplant can really be a boon for hair growth.  

How can I be absolutely sure?    

Some patients are more sceptical than others. They often ask us to “prove” that the images are real. In such situations, we show them the iGraft video gallery page, where our previous patients have left their reactions through videos. It is difficult to convince someone else about simplest beliefs like honesty and transparency that we hold sacrosanct. Hence, we display the testimonials in the hopes that the sincerity and honesty expressed by our patients would be sufficient for our new patients. Usually, the genuine and positive reactions do lead to restoring faith among customers.  

Benefits of These Testimonies

After being convinced about the authenticity of the testimonies, people ask about the benefits of these videos and images. These testimonials can benefit new patients in various ways. These testimonials are a real insight into the lives of a patient. Their fears, their hopes, their experience through the surgery and their priceless advice. Additionally, these testimonials can also provide patients with important information about time required for hair growth and effectiveness of a particular surgery. For example, if you go through our review page, you would come across stories which recommend the DFI treatment because it is painless as promoted and does not leave a scar.  

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