October 4, 2017

DFI Technique | High Quality | Best Hair Services |

One of the best hair transplant technique is called the Direct Follicle implant also known as DFI. A non-surgical method this is a day care procedure. Postoperative measurements are null and void here as this is a non-surgical, painless method. In this internally developed hair replacement treatment, the patient can listen to music or news channels of choice during the surgery in process. In fact, as per patient’s preferences, one can read a book, or magazines or simply speak with the people around the procedure table.

The patient undergoing a Direct Follicle Implant (DFI ™) does not need to shave his scalp. The doctor begins the replacement procedure after the administration of an update dosage of local anesthesia. Then the doctor begins the direct extraction of the hair follicles from the back of the head. This is done at the back of the head since this area has good donor hair follicles. Once extracted, in our in-house method we can directly implant the follicle onto the required site, but they are preserved in an American fertilizer solution which lows down the chances of follicle wastage, as they are outside scalp and getting proper nourishment. The chances of follicle wastage are reduced drastically to just 10% and, traditional FUE yields 30% of wastage. Once the implants are done, the head will look full of small little sprouts of hair. The initial hair will fall off due to shock but will regrow for good and the implanted crop will be full bloom in fourth month onward.

The unique feature of Direct Follicle Implant (DFI ™) is that compared to other techniques used by many, we can reap more follicles and therefore cover more area in lesser time.It is noteworthy that as we pick out the follicles and implant it onto recipient site in the least time & thus the chances of follicle wastage are reduced drastically to just 10%. Amazing huh..?, Traditional BioFUE yields 30% of wastage. A minimal of wastage cannot be avoided as they picking out processes at times may damage a few follicles.

Direct Follicle Implant, DFI ™ in short, is a scene changer technique. Along with a comfortable session for the patient, it guarantees a successful outcome of the procedure and maximum satisfaction for the patient. DFI ™ has given a chance to put that smile back on.

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