November 11, 2017

Most Common Shaving Problems.

All across the globe, arch over 7 continents, there’s one thing that connects men – shaving problems! Although it is one of those things that men are wanted to know in life – like tying your shoelace, it’s apparently not.

Every other day, depending on your routine, you drag a sharp blade across your face, dipping into small rapture, cuts or burns. It’s no wonder that shaving comes with a lot of possible problems.

  • Razor Burn: There is nothing quite as annoying as cleaning up with a close shave, only to suffer from razor burn. These are the redness spots, irritated skin that appear within minutes of shaving. Mostly caused by using a blunt blade, dry shaving or shaving too fast, it can be managed easily. You just need to soften your skin before taking the razor to your face. Prepare up by applying shaving oil, using a gel-based cream for actual shaving and finishing up with a soothing moisturizer. Additionally, use a new razor with sharp blades.


  • Nicks and cuts: The last thing you want is to look like a seriously damaged warrior at the very start of the day. Nicks and cuts can occur when your blade is too dull, or alternatively, is fresh out of the packet and too much force has been applied while shaving. Although, it can be treated with a styptic pencil, wouldn’t you rather ever use it! So, use a sharp razor, slide the blade gently across your face without applying too much pressure, and take a few passes over the face as possible. Also, replace the razor pack after every week.


  • Ingrown Hairs: This is one of the most painful problems of the bunch and is caused when the broken end of a hair (from improper shaving) grows inside the follicles and beneath the skin. And, while your first thought would be to get hold of tweezers, resist the desires! When shaving, don’t stretch the skin, use as few strokes as possible and shave only in the direction of the hair growth. A pre-shave shower also helps as it opens up the pores. Use a natural exfoliate and apply it in circular motions. That will push the hairs on the face out; it will also create a better lather for the shaving cream.

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