Increasing globalization means rapid communication, market forces and lower import restrictions that can help to make a new technology available that might be useful.

iGraft announces a new technology for balding issues delivering painless and inconvenience for a hair transplant with minimum discomfort to patients. Unlike other transplant ways, DTI™ eco is designed to harmlessly integrate, creating improved structure, greater control and enhanced measurement to hair related issues. This eco Technique has significant potential for challenging situations ensuring the technology is developed and diffused.

The DTI™ eco Technique works on Gen 2.0 machines using Cobalt Salt solution as Preservation Solution . Due to the strong reliance of iGraft and information technology, DTI™ eco is introduced with significant potential to debug challenging situations related to baldness resulting with 80% best possible outlook. These achievable technique constituents of 3 procedures.

Preservation/ Fertilization

The DTI™ eco Technique has folic scope system that works to find solutions that fit perfectly to unique requirements of the patient and provides deeper insight to meet the aim which is far better than regular FUE.

iGraft provides validated, trust worthy support at every stage with customized solutions and techniques in Hair Services.

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