What is the normal non surgical hair system procedure schedule?

Well, In all likely it takes 3-4 hours. A natural hair style will be given to achieve the normal look. The custom design system for the exact shape of scalp it takes 2-3 months after booking of your hair system to get ready.

What is the normal hair transplant schedule?

A hair transplant procedure in DFI & DFI + cases will take around 6-8 hours by our doctors. This may vary depending on the follicles to be done in hair transplant and what technique are we applying. After this he/she can go home since there is no hospitalization needed.

How long should I wait for my procedure?

Depending on the amount of clients who have already booked a treatment with our clinic branches, it will typically take about one-two months of wait. You can check for available appointment times and clinic locations that are closest to you. Sometimes OPEN Dates are also available blocked by corporates, which are available 10 days of their scheduling. Please ask your Hair expert for open dates availability.

Can I book an appointment for my hair transplant in advance?

Yes, It’s the only option. Slot booking for a preferred date & time & location is must before going for a procedure. Once you are sure that you would like to have the hair transplant or any other hair treatment done in our studio, and you have received an official message from us, you can set up your appointment dates by Blocking your preferred date & studio. The process is a Pre Payment termed as BOOKING. You can BOOK online from top menu. You can arrange the treatment date according to your availability and schedule.