Aftercare Guidelines

How soon can I go out after treatment?

Depend on which treatment you are opting. Since the D’FI™ or D’FI+™ treatment procedure does not need any hospitalization afterwards, you can leave the studio immediately after. No further followups required. However a dedicated support team for 6 months process your results with our centralized ERP based care system.

Unlike Hair Transplant, Non surgical replacement of your hair system is just a 3-5 hours procedure. After which you can roam around.

Are “repeat treatments” necessary?

It depends on bald area to cover. Repeat treatments are often prescribed on people who have hair loss on a large area of the head or face. Doctors will require a patient to return after the “harvest areas” have grown new hair follicles that can be harvested and transplanted to recipient sites. Otherwise, repeat treatments are no longer necessary after your first one.

Can I resume exercises after treatment?

Generally, you can resume your exercise activities two days after your hair transplant. Normal daily routines can be done immediately after your transplant. Nevertheless, you must avoid any type of activity that may put direct pressure on your scalp. Also heavy exercises to be avoided for 7-12 days.

Do I need to drink drugs or medication?

Oftentimes, medication is given to D’FI™ or D’FI+™ hair transplant patients for a low level of pain tolerance & Antibiotics. This is for faster recovery.

Unlike Hair Transplant, Non surgical replacement of your hair system doesn’t require any medication post procedure.

Are scabs on the treated area normal?

Yes. It is normal that scabs will form on the treated areas. You must resist not to pick on them since they will fall out on their own. Keep applying normal saline or bottled drinking water on scalp to avoid itching.

What should I avoid consuming? Smoke & Alcohol!

Just as you should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages before your transplant, you should also avoid drinking for at least 2-3 days after the treatment. You should prevent from smoking for at-least a weeks also.

Unlike Hair Transplant, Non surgical replacement of your hair system do not bound you for these.

Is shedding normal?

Yes. Do not panic. Shedding after a hair transplant is a common occurrence. Shedding may be seen after a week after the transplant procedure and may continue for 2 months. Still, some other patients do not experience shedding until new hair grows out. All of these are normal.

How long will it take for the hair to grow?

New hair will start growing on the recipient areas after two to three months after the actual treatment. After half a year, you can notice a substantial hair growth on the treated area. These new hairs will not fall out. although a normal length can be attained in 5 month.

The process:

  • Your hair will start growing from very 1 st day of procedure and a little bit growth can be seen up-to 10 th Day post-procedure, a sign of successful transplant.
  • After 10 th Day your implanted hair may start falling which is called shedding phase (telogen effluvium) which is quite normal and this shedding will continue up-to completion of 2 nd month. All hair will not fall suddenly. You may lose few hair every day. You may return in pre procedure position but still need not to worry, it’s a good sign. All the implanted hair will start growing after 2 nd month.
  • Growth of the implanted hair remains very slow in 1 st year of transplantation. So, to see the results you have to wait at-least for minimum 6 months. Growth will not stop here and you can see further improvement up-to completion of 1 year. Results after 1 year will be final results.