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Combi method of Hybrid Transplant at iGraft

What are the thoughts that cross one’s mind when opting for hair transplant procedures as the last and final attempt to regain lost hair?…..only that hopefully the procedure will not need to be repeated and will be over as fast as possible without any complications.

But many times it so happens that if the patients balding area is not limited to the crown part of the head and goes beyond that, complications may arise due to lack of extraction or donor area because of poor density of hair growth. This is where the Combi method of Hybrid Transplant can be applied successfully.

What is the Combi method of Hybrid Transplant?

The Combi method of Hybrid Transplant is a rare form of procedure that uses the DFI and DFI+ i.e. Direct Follicle Implant Plus. This unique combination is a procedure which is made up of denser natural hair line with maximum available donor follicle through DFI/DFI+ Hair Transplant & remaining demand is filled with LACE Cosmetic Unit.

But why Hybrid?

For those whose Demanded Follicles to cover full scalp >(is greater than) Supplied Follicles available in DONOR

The Hybrid Procedure

The Hybrid procedure for DFI/DFI+ Hair Transplant + Lace Cosmetic Unit, is started in the first session on day 1 by first performing the DFI/DFI+ hair transplant for 3-4 hours and then a custom mold of remaining bald area is measured & then next day Lace Unit customized from your mold with hair matching exactly your texture & color is fitted using laser injection method on that unit, is now fitted on your scalp for the LOOK you want. The density option is entire upto you to choose from various options

Advantages of Combi method of Hybrid Transplant over Only Hair transplant

The biggest attraction that pulls perspective hair transplant patients towards Combi method of Hybrid Transplant is achieving a COMPLETE NATURAL DENSE LOOK even your back



donor area cannot fulfill your demand of fullhead.

Our efficient teams of doctors & Stylist at iGraft are always experimenting and are keen to innovate and customize the procedures of the Combi method of Hybrid Transplant according to every patient’s personal needs and problems, hence delivering the best results.