“A hair loss journey of an entrepreneur” is the case study of Mr. Sunu Panikar.

Who is Mr. Sunu Panikar?
Sunu Panikar is a 28-year-old entrepreneur who lives in Chinchwad, Pune. He is successfully running a small enterprise in the area for about 7-8 years. His hair loss journey began in 2014 when his demanding life almost came to a halt. His medical journey is documented to inspire people fighting baldness.
His hair loss journey
Mr. Panikar did not notice when he started losing his hair in 2014. It didn’t occur him to him that he was soon going to become bald. Another two-year passed before he would see bald patches on his scalp. This was a time when the realisation suddenly hit him. His friends, his parents and his relatives made him constantly aware that he had started ageing unlike everyone else.
His First Reaction
Mr. Panikar reacted to baldness like people normally do when faced with major life changes. He first tried to ignore it and deny the existence of a pressing reality. This didn’t work for very long. Soon he found himself googling about the solutions to hair loss and baldness. He also turned to his friends for advice like most people do. His friends advised him to seek homeopathy and Allopathy treatments. He did not find comfort in these solutions as his google search made him believe that these treatments had side effects.
His First Attempt
Mr. Panikar finally decided to visit a hair transplant clinic. He did so without any prior research about hair transplant treatment. He visited a clinic which tried to sell him a hair transplant treatment. He was pressured to choose quickly through dreamlike offers. He felt offended that the clinic did not discuss the treatment in detail. According to him, they tried to make him deal. He was disappointed as the clinic tried to sell him products when he was looking for a medical treatment.
His Final Step
Mr. Panikar disappointed but not dejected; explored more options. This time, he asked a friend who had undergone a hair transplant himself. His new advisor guided him to iGraft. His first experience of iGraft was enlightening in his own words. In the video below, Mr. Panikar says, “iGraft doctors gave me good guidance. They gave me complete information about the treatment and gave me time to come to a decision on my own.” Mr. Panikar finally decided to get a hair transplant at iGraft. Within six months of his hair transplant, he experienced complete and natural hair growth. He was extremely satisfied with the results.
His advice to others
Mr. Panikar offered some sensible advice to other men about hair transplant. He advised bald men to visit clinics to get out of their own fears. According to him, people often get frightened about hair loss and waste a considerable amount of time. It is important for such people to visit a clinic and talk to consultants about their condition. Talking to consultants help clear misconceptions and understand the medical side of the hair transplant treatment. Mr. Panikar also recommends iGraft staff members and doctors as they treated him like a friend and supported him with a consistent follow-up after the hair transplant.

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