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What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss occurs for many reasons. These reasons include hereditary issues, pollution, stress, etc. People who have baldness in their family often can’t avoid this condition as they are more susceptible to pollution, lower quality of drinking water and air than others. These environmental factors can cause DHT hormones in their body to deposit themselves at the root of their hair strands. Due to the deposition of DHT hormones, these hair follicles do not receive enough blood and Oxygen supply. This ultimately results in the painful journey of baldness for many men.

What is a Hair Transplantation Surgery?

Hair transplantation surgery is as the name suggests a medical method of transplanting hair in the bald area, usually taken from the back of a scalp or from the sides. Sometimes, in very rare cases, body hair is also taken for hair transplantation.

The Role of a Hair Transplant Surgery

As mentioned earlier, Deposition of DHT hormones is usually responsible for baldness. This DHT deposition usually affects the top of the scalp as the hair at the back of scalp are immune or more resistant to the DHT deposition. Hence, hair transplantation surgery is beneficial for those who have lost hair naturally and want to find a way to grow their hair back.

Hair Transplant in Bangalore
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Non-Surgical Hair Growth Solutions

There are many non-surgical which would help people who are experiencing constant hair loss. These solutions are generally not applicable to those who already have bald patches, but it is important to consult a professional to know your individual solution. Non-surgical hair growth solutions include Cosmetic Lace, Cold Beam Laser (CBL) Treatment and Rich Plasma Platelet Laser Service (RPPL).

Cosmetic lace is for those who are looking for a quick, reliable and custom made solution. Cosmetic lace is an essential replacement for those who are entrepreneurs or in the show business who can’t afford to control their look. Cold Beam Laser Treatment is a medical treatment which was invented in the early 60s and continues to deliver astonishing results to patients. The laser therapy treatment helps make hair cells more active resulting in more blood flow, more oxygen, and the addition of much-needed healing properties. One of the most advanced non-surgical solutions is RPPL. It is a combination of CBL, derma roller treatment, and effective medications. This treatment in addition to making cells more active also cleans DHT deposited at hair roots and supplies essential minerals to hair strands.

Surgical Hair Growth Solutions

Surgical hair growth has inspired many recently to grow their hair back. Earlier, when one reached the stages of bald patches, it was almost impossible for them to restore their hair. However, current FUE and FUT solutions offer more than a glimpse of hope for everyone. During a Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), surgeons remove hair from the back of the scalp with the help of a strip. On the contrary, during a Follicular Unit Extraction, each unit of hair is removed separately using a punch tool.

There is a more advanced method available too. It is known as Direct Follicle Implant (DFI). This method implants hair in a much more sophisticated manner. In this treatment, surgeons directly implant hair to the recipient area as soon as they are extracted. This reduces the risk of follicles being exposed to various environmental risks and reduces wastages. A traditional FUE can result in 30% wastage, whereas DFI promises zero wastage and no scars to patients.

Bangalore as a Hair Transplant Destination

Bangalore is India’s crown when it comes to technological development. The name of the city is taken and reiterated proudly by Indians in many corners of the world and this city is a heavyweight contender when it comes to delivering top quality hair transplants. Our hair transplant clinic in Bangalore provides the most advanced medical method known as Direct Follicle Implant (DFI). Hair transplant services in Bangalore are also far more competitive as compared to their western counterparts. For example, hair transplant per graft costs between 40 Rupees to 100 Rupees. These costs are often extremely high in the developed world, between 250 Rupees to 580 Rupees per graft.

Hair Transplant Costs Also Depend On  

1.Level of baldness and hair thinning

2.Desired density of hair

3.Donor area

4.Technique selected for hair transplant

Hair Transplant in Bangalore

A Little about Bangalore as a City

Bangalore city is known for the glittering lights of innovation and a glimmer of hope for the brilliant minds of India. The city offers many opportunities to the highly skilled and continues to inspire people from all over the country. However, there is a thorn embedded in this rose. It is the illness of stress in the face of daunting infrastructural challenges and sometimes the unrealistic aspiration to be a part of the growing economy.

Some problems often encountered in Bangalore include traffic woes, high real estate prices and deteriorating health of professionals working in the city. It is important to note that these problems are commonly voiced in other cities as well. However, there are many medical reports that talk about the underbelly of professional life in Bangalore.

Why are many professionals seeking a Bangalore hair transplant?   

According to a recent study published in DNA newspaper, 50% of patients who experience hair loss in Bangalore are extremely young, often under the age of 25. Many people from all over the country move to Bangalore for jobs. This results in the change of their nutrition intake, drinking water, and air quality. These changes can lead to hair loss and permanent baldness without intervention.

According to our experts, drinking alcohol, consumption of tobacco and lack of exercise can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle pretty quickly. Such things are unfortunately accepted by many professionals as a mere drawback of their jobs. It is important for professionals to take up exercise to fill up their weekends and remain fit to be more competitive. Some such exercises can include simple yoga, treks on weekends, sports, etc.

The Bright Side of a Bangalore Hair Transplant

Bangalore is a great destination for hair transplant for many reasons. As a global hub for startups, Bangaloreans expect innovation and services to be on the next level, often unconsciously. This has led to the opening of many great clinics in the city, including our own. After getting a hair transplant in Bangalore, people can also relax, enjoy and hike in the nearby mountains on the city outskirts which would complete an amazing journey.

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