Best Hair Transplant cost in Bangalore


Bangalore is India’s crown when it comes to technological development. The name of the city is taken and reiterated proudly by Indians in many corners of the world and this city is a heavyweight contender when it comes to delivering top quality hair transplants. Our hair transplant clinic in Bangalore provides the most advanced medical method known as Direct Follicle Implant (DFI). Hair transplant services in Bangalore are also far more competitive as compared to their western counterparts. For example, hair transplant per graft costs between 40 Rupees to 100 Rupees. These costs are often extremely high in the developed world, between 250 Rupees to 580 Rupees per graft.


Hair Transplant Costs Also Depend On


1.Level of baldness and hair thinning


2.Desired density of hair


3.Donor area


4.Technique selected for hair transplant



Hair Transplant in Bangalore

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