July 11, 2018 Why your hair is thinning at a very young age?

Why your undergoing hair loss at a very young age?

Lots of people link hair loss with old age, and there is a specific truth in it, as we get older, many of us normally lose some or all of our hair in the process. But hair loss is not just sustained for the middle-aged or the elderly. While the risk grows with age, that doesn’t mean young people are resistant. It can also influence those in the flush of youth.

Well, there are a number of hair loss problems that can affect even the very young to changing degrees. Here are few causes of hair loss in teens:


The physical and emotional changes experienced by youngsters can cause immense stress. This can cause hair loss, or actions that trigger hair loss. Moreover, stress can shock your hair follicles that cause them to push out quicker than normal.

Lack of nutrients

Unfortunately for lots of teenagers, eating a healthy and well-balanced diet isn’t their department. And, hair loss is a common side effect of eating ailments because the person isn’t eating sufficient protein. Your body will stop the production of hair if the essential nutrients aren’t arriving at the follicles.


Here is another reason for hair fall and to quit smoking. The carbon monoxide that you inhale blocks the blood from transferring oxygen and important nutrients to hair follicles. Moreover, nicotine lowers the blood vessels, further obstructing fresh hair growth.

Over styling

All the washing, brushing and styling can cause serious damage to your hair, mainly if you are using heat products, or regularly pull your hair tightly when you style it. Curling, straightening and blow drying all are harmful for your hair. Let your hair go natural, and do not wash it daily.

Hair loss is a natural part of life, whatever your age, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it as compulsory.

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