October 25, 2018 Why Partner with iGraft

Why choose iGraft as your Trusted Partner ?

With the onslaught of umpteen hair transplantation studios, it’s imperative for you to ask why to opt for iGraft. Well, the answer is quite simple.

We are the only company which has doctors performing on you right from the extraction stage to implantation stage. While other studios go with franchisee models, all our branches are company owned ensuring high quality of treatment with no compromise. In fact, our 100% result-oriented technique ensures maximum number of follicles & density.

Now how does it benefit you?

  1. Our fleet of highly experienced doctors and award-winning support team make sure that there is no downtime i.e. you start your daily routine from the very next day.
  2. The Zero-Pain, Zero-Scar procedures complemented with smart high-tech machines result in making us a brand that has unique solution for hair fall, thinning and baldness.
  3. Genuine cost with modern infrastructure and complimentary support to our customers for 12 months make us all the more reliable in our customers’ eyes.
  4. With our diversified presence in Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad that have global flight connections, we also arrange for accommodation, visa and excursion and have a dedicated Travel Assistance Team to help with our international customers.

Coming to awards and accolades, we are awarded 5 Star Rated Services by Whatclinic and have also been AIAC winner in AIAC15 for Top Hair Clinic.

Now you know, when you have so many options to choose from, still when it comes to hair transplant procedures, always go with iGraft.

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