May 9, 2018 What is iGraft Gen 3.0? How is it better than Regular FUE technique?

What is iGraft Gen 3.0? How is it better than Regular FUE technique?

Balding is an extremely scary thing for almost everyone, and in such situation if someone tells you that there is a solution and you can re-grow your hair, it will appear like nothing but a wonder. Well, getting back your hair is no more a miracle but a normal event since last few years. Several new techniques to re-grow your hair have been developed such as hair transplantation. Nowadays, there are various types of transplantation techniques, however, the most recommended, trending, and advanced technique is Gen 3.0, which is exclusively provided by iGraft.

What is iGraft Gen 3.0?

Gen 3.0 is one of the most modern and advanced technique of hair transplantation, that can guarantee you results. The best part of this technique is the patient need not to shave his head before the hair transplant procedure. A local anesthesia is provided to the patient before beginning the transplant. After anesthesia, hair follicles are extracted directly from the donor site. These extracted hair follicles are collected, counted, and coated with fertilizers and directly implanted in the balding areas.

Furthermore, it is entirely a painless and stress free hair transplant method. Also in this technique the hair follicles wastage is minimum, almost zero.

How is Gen 3.0 better than FUE technique?

  • The equipment’s used in the Gen 3.0 technique are more advanced compared to FUE
  • Unlike FUE, in Gen 3.0, it does not leave any awful marks
  • The hair follicles survival rate is highest in Gen 3.0 as iGraft uses much better solutions to preserve the follicles compared to saline solutions that are used by the FUE technique. Therefore, in Gen 3.0 the wastage of hair follicles is very less and the success rate is almost 99%.

So, Gen 3.0 hair transplant technique is much better than FUE technique, and it is exclusively offered at iGraft. Our highly experienced and dedicated team of doctors are qualified with the latest technology to provide you the best results, natural looks, and deliver the best care.

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