iGraft Lace Cosmetic Booking Ticket



This ticket is your key to SELF Confidence. Buying this ticket you are enrolling for a hair cosmetic procedure in iGraft. This booking ticket is for iGraft unique Lace system techniques, a Gen3.0 iGraft most advanced technique upto date. The date of procedure can be confirmed within 30-40 days from your buying ticket date, depends on dates availability in iGraft centers. You can buy this ticket and mention your Quote or Assessment Id No. so that we can club this ticket this with you. The price mentioned is just a Booking ticket for you to enroll this program. A Complete cost will be either given to you in an Online Quote from iGraft(reachus@i-graft.com). This amount will be adjusted on your total procedure cost at the time of procedure. The booking amount is non refundable.


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