June 12, 2018 Monsoon Hair Care Tips

Monsoon Hair Care Tips

Monsoons are here again! Rain brings comfort from sweltering hot climate during the summer season. With the coming of monsoon people feel happy as they can no more feel the deadly heat of summer. Though we all love the monsoon, it brings few negative effects along with it that may damage your hair. Therefore, if you wish to maintain your hair healthy during such climate and season, here are few tips which you must follow:

Keep your hair dry

To get your hair wet in the rain is worst. The rainwater is dirty and it contains acids that may affect your hair. Moreover, wet hair is prone to damage. It is recommended to always use umbrella or cap in the rains. Also, wash your hair with a good shampoo after drenched in rain.

Hair wash routine

Shampoo your hair twice or thrice a week to keep your sticky and moist scalp healthy and wash off the rain water that is full of pollutants. Use mild shampoos and avoid using extremely hot water for washing your hair. Moreover, regular hair wash avoids fungal and bacterial infections in the scalp area.

Use the appropriate comb

You should select the right comb, so that it may shape your hair well. It is recommended to use a wide-toothed comb, as it does not break your hair. Moreover, do not comb your hair when it is extremely wet, it will result in breakage.

Oiling massage is must

Nothing is as good for your hair as a good hair oil massage in monsoons. It hydrates your hair and give nourishment at the same time. Moreover, it provides deep conditioning also. It is recommended to oil your hair once or twice a week.

The above tips are useful throughout the year to keep your lovely hair healthy, but, a little more effort is required during monsoons. If you are undergoing any hair problems and want to stop it, contact iGraft today! At iGraft, we understand the importance of healthy hair and therefore we provide the best hair transplant techniques that has the highest successful rates.

Happy Monsoon’s!

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