Are procedures painful?

What is the pain level?

On a scale from one to ten, clients who have undergone the D’FI™ hair transplant procedure on our clinic state that the overall pain can be marked on about 4 to 5 out of ten. The pain is tolerable since our doctors are skilled enough to prevent unnecessary pain from being felt by our clients. D’FI+™ hair transplant however is less painful than D’FI™. The level could be 2-3 out of ten.

Will anesthesia be used?

Yes locally, only on donor & recipient area. Since the D’FI™ & D’FI+™ hair transplant are minimally-invasive procedures, a local anesthesia will be applied for least pain. This will help our clients to relax and not feel any discomfort, letting our doctors do the transplant effectively.

If I have a low pain tolerance, what can I do before the treatment?

First of all, you should discuss this with your doctor during your consultation in order for him to assist you and prescribe you with medications and drugs. You should only be seeking advice from our doctors to ensure that no side effect of a pain killer or drug that you have taken prior the treatment will affect you and your body. Our doctors will be more than happy to give you anything that will help in warding off pain during the actual procedure.

Is Non surgical, hair replacement system is painful?

No. This process involves styling of existing hair on your scalp with you hair system. It do not involve any cuts or syringes.