General Frequently asked Questions

Who are we? What we do?

iGraft™, a global hair replacement venture was established with the vision of “To become World leader in Hair Services”. In a short span of 4 years it has become a name to reckon with. Armed with a realistic mission “Provide best quality hair services to the clients globally”, iGraft™ has on its board the best of the doctors and a very well versed staff. iGraft ensures a 360 degree assessment for any hair problem & solution to it.

Benefits with iGraft

  • 100% Results Oriented techniques which ensures an individual maximum number of follicles & density
  • All Company owned studios :- NO FRANCHISEES : Ensures high quality of treatment with no compromise, in other words :: No Cutting corners
  • Awarded many awards for most loved brand in hair segment by repeated boards
  • No Downtime (Patient can join daily work immediately the next day)
  • No Side-effects & Infections
  • Panel of Doctors who hold the high experience in Hair Replacement Procedures
  • Most experienced team of Hair Experts
  • Award winning Dedicated Support Team
  • Brand with unique Solution for Hair Fall, Thinning & Baldness
  • Computerized Hair Check, Scalp Analysis based Consultation Protocol
  • DFI+, DFI, RPPL, CBL Trademark Most updated Gen 3.0 Techniques
  • A Fleet of Doctors/Hair Experts with more than 5+ year of experience and trained in DFI based procedures
  • Genuine Cost with Best Infrastructure
  • Awarded 5 Star Rated Services as Awarded by Whatclinic
  • Awarded AIAC winner in AIAC15 for Top Hair Clinic
  • Procedures with ZERO SCAR
  • Procedures with ZERO PAIN
  • Smart Hitech Machines with puncher variation from 0.5 mm to 0.8 mm
  • Revolutionary Hair Matrix system for Fertilizing follicles
  • Complimentary Support for 6 months
  • World Class Infrastructure
  • Presence in Pune, Delhi, & Bangalore with Global Flights Connection
  • Accommodation, Visa, Excursion & Entire Travel assistance team
  • Mobile APPS for ease operations
  • Cloud IT Infrastructure to manage your Preferences, Accountability, Support and End Results
What iGraft Offers? What all services do iGraft cater?

iGraft™, a global hair replacement venture was established with the vision of “To become World leader in Hair Services”. In a short span of 4 years we have become a name to reckon with. Armed with a realistic mission “Provide best quality hair services to the clients globally”, iGraft™ has on its board the best of the doctors and a very well qualified staff.

We offer a complete 360 degree solution for all your hair loss solution.

  • Anti Hair Fall Treatments
  • Hair Regrowth Treatments
  • Hair Transplant
  • Non-Surgical Hair Replacement
What is Hair Loss?

In order to understand hair loss we must first understand the difference between hair fall and hair loss.


The hair growth cycle consists of three distinct stages – anagen, catagen and telogen.


The growth phase, or anagen phase, lasts an average of 3-5 years,


At the end of the anagen phase, your hair enters the catagen phase. A short transitional phase that lasts approximately 10 days. In this phase the hair root will prepare for sheding the hair.


Lastly, your hair enters the telogen phase, a resting phase when your hair is released and falls out. The follicle then remains inactive for 3 months and the whole process is repeated. Each hair follicle is independent and goes through the growth cycle at different times; otherwise all your hair would fall out at once.

Hair Loss Defined: – Post the Telogen phase if the hair follicle is unable to grow a healthy hair the situation is termed as hair thinning. Hair thinning leads to Hair Loss. It happens in phases where in after coming out of the telogen phase the hair follicle is unable to grow a healthy hair, means the new hair will be thinner than before , dull and may appear life less.  The overall appearance of the hair keeps getting poor with every cycle until finally the hair follicle is unable to grow an new hair and itself dies.

What is male pattern baldness?

To understand Male Pattern Baldness it worth knowing that this is the most common type of balding recognized by the hair experts in men. This is a hereditary trait of hair loss.

For those men, who have hair fall or receding hairline in their genetics i.e. in balding in their father, grandfather, uncles and cousins, Male Pattern baldness is never far away. The reason being that balding in men is caused by a male hormone called the Di- hydro-testosterone or DHT. This hormone likes to attach itself to the hair roots with a receptor site. The top hair in men has these receptor sites. Once DHT is in the roots, the blood and oxygen supply is cut off to the hair. A malnourished hair soon loses its fight and falls. When a large amount of hair falls this way it is called hair fall or loss.

But the good news is that the hair at the back and sides of the head does not have these receptor sites. As such there is no chance of DHT affecting this hair. This holds true for the body hair too.

Now do you understand as to why do we always say that we shall take the hair from the back of the head for replacement? Well these are resistant hair— resistant to balding as they never fall off.

What are the options available to combat hair loss?

iGraft™ offers multiple treatments for combatting hair loss. CBL™, RPPL ™, PRP, Hair strengthening treatments are available to combat early stages of Hair Loss. Please listen to your Hair Expert/ Doctor when they explain all available treatments. We have a solution for every budget.

What is Hair Transplant?

Well, in very simple words it is the process of transferring hair roots from the places which has abundance of it, to those places where there is no hair growth.

The hair roots are called the hair follicles and these are generally taken from the back of the head as the hair here is resistant to hair fall. The back of the head here is called the Glandjula area and the bald hair patch is called the cranial area.

What is Follicle? How it’s different from Graft?

Ok, this is a technical term used in hair replacement. Let us make it simple for you. Fact is our hair grows in a group of 1-3 strands of hair and they are called grafts. A Graft is group unit which may have 1 Hair( follicle ) or 2 or 3 in it. For example, 2 person having same level of baldness & are suggested with same no. of grafts say 3000. Now 1st person who has more 1’s unit less 2’s & rare 3’s- He will get an output of 3500-4000 Hair follicles out of 3000Grafts considering more 1s, less 2s & rare 3s. However in 2nd person, if 1’s & 2’s are more & 3’s are also available-He will get 5000-5500 Hair Out of 3000 Grafts. Though both person has done same 3000 Grafts and paid same amount to an institution, one gets 4000 hair another gets 5500 hair. Graft wise extraction done in common FUE technique won’t give exact expectation of results. You cannot take an average of 1,2,3 saying every graft at least have 2 hair.

In iGraft we calculate Follicle wise and as an end you get what follicles you are suggested with, even though an individual has any 1’s or 2’s or 3’s ratio. However during the hair replacement procedure we uproot hair roots one by one. This negates the chances of any scars that might occur.

So to answer the question, one follicle means one hair strand.

Will I have any side-effects after the procedure?

Absolutely not! You can roam around and carry on with the daily chores free as a bird the very next day onwards. iGraftTM techniques are developed with concern that it takes No recovery time & do not hamper the daily life.

Do I need to take any rest?

Are you hoping for some time off work!!! Sorry but that would not be required.

Do I need to wear a cap?

That’s your call! If you want to show off your collection of caps you can do so.

Do I need to take any medicines?

General Antibiotics and Pain Killers is all that you will need to pop for 5 to 7 days only.

Do the medications have any side-effects?

Please be assured that the medications which would be recommended will mainly be Antibiotics. This is for your quick relief and recovery within days. It has no side-effects.

What about my existing hair? Will they fall off?

Well, Just like you we would love to protect your existing hair but the irony of the situation is that this very existing hair is your problem, as they are prone to DHT effects, so sooner or later your existing hair shall fall off for sure…. for preserving the existing hair we advise our Boon Hair Restoration Treatment R’PPLTM – Rich Plasma Platelets Laser Sessions.

However the replaced hair does not need any medications or therapy as the implanted hair is naturally hair fall resistant and therefore permanent.

Will I look odd after doing the hair transplant?

Put your fears aside….We are here to help you and will never advise any drastic steps which shall radically change your look…..before the procedure starts, our experts will give an idea on the look you would want. In fact you would know how will be your hair line boundary & what result will you get once the procedure is over……. However immediately after the procedure if you are not comfortable you can always wear a special cap given by iGraft doctors. You are ready to party after hair transplant. A special cap given, can hide your look for some days.

How many sessions of hair transplant can be performed on me?

This depends on one’s requirement & their donor area. Think of hair replacement as a one-time investment. After all Hair Transplant is going to give you back your hair, your look, your appearance and most important your confidence.

When can I have head bath, when can I oil my head, or from when can I start exercising, till what time should I take precautions and what?

Wow!!! Hold your thoughts…..Yes. You can shampoo your hair from the 6th Day onwards of the procedure. However oiling, heavy exercises, excessive sweating, swimming and gym can be only done after a fortnight. If you ride a bike it is advisable to avoid using Helmet for 10-12 days post procedure.

What happens to my Donor area? Does my hair grow back again?

Relax….your donor area is safe and sound. Though we extract hair with follicles from the back of the head that area still remains the same…. it is just a matter of manipulation of the hair to cover the bald patches and give the balding head a fuller look.

When do I get the results?

Though, it depends on what treatment option you choose. Hair replacement Non surgical system is an instant result oriented process.

However, unlike Non Surgical system, Hair transplant natural results take some time. Here it is how it works:

My friend! Patience pays….by results of hair transplant if you mean your fully grown crop then you shall need to let nature work its miracle on your transplanted hair for at least 6 months. The end result will make you thank the stars but before that you must understand the process…. from the day your procedure is done, counting that day onwards till 4 weeks, the implanted hair will fall off.

Than for the next two to three months there shall be no growth as the follicles go into the resting phase technically called the Talogen Phase. It is only after this period that the permanent hair starts growing.

The implanted hair grows by 1 to 1.5 cm every month in length. In order to grow to a normal length of 6—8 cm, it takes another 3 to 4 months. Ideally to see the best results you need to give minimum 8 months time. The implanted hair grows naturally just like natural hair and requires no extra ordinary maintenance.

What is the Cost of Hair Transplant, Hair Loss Treatment & Hair system or Hybrid?

The cost of a Hair transplant is completely dependent on the severity of the baldness. Lets wait till the end of the consultation all your questions will already be answered

Which are the different Techniques you are specialized in hair transplant?

iGraftTM specializes in Three different Techniques —- Bio FUE, Direct Follicular Implant (D’FlTM) and Direct Follicular Implant + Plus (D’Fl+TM). Ideally only one of the Technique is used for hair replacement, sometimes due to larger area to be covered a combination of these Techniques can be used on 1 Human Scalp to give you more Hair in one go.

BioFUE: A Pain-Free Technique which gives good results as compared to the traditional FUE procedure.  Manual Extraction Machine | 0.8 to 1 mm Punch | Preservation Agent – NS/RL | Counting Method – Follicle wise

D’FITM: Advanced than traditional FUE. The ZERO Pain technique ensures BETTER Result growth than FUE  Hi-tech Extraction Machine | 0.6 to 0.8 mm Punch | Preservation Agent – HR3Mat. | Counting Method – Follicle wise

D’FI+TM: The Best so far. Designed for BEST result standard & highest density. Go Natural hairline & BEST results. Hi-tech Smart Extraction Machine with Loupes  | 0.6 to 0.8 mm Punch | Preservation Agent – PRP+Blend | Counting Method – Follicle wise

What is Non Surgical Hair replacement – or – why do I need it?

This is a tough decision but a very rationale one.

The biggest limitation of Hair Transplant is the limited or non-availability of Donor Area.

Every human is born with approximately 100, 000 hair. The area which is prone to hair loss (Top of the head) has 50, 000 to 60, 000 hair. If a person has lost even 40% to 100% hair on top of his scalp that means minimum of     20, 000 to 50, 000 hair.  Hair Transplant can only give you 6000 to 12000 hair back!!!

The Biggest question is that where do the remaining 12, 000 to 38, 000 hair come from ??!!

How will you get that back?

Can 6,000 hair compensate the actual requirement of 15, 000 or 50, 000 hair?!!

How would you style your hair with 6000 hair when the requirement is of 40, 000 to 50, 000 hair?

This is where the Non-Surgical Replacement comes to your help.

Our revolutionary Lace Based Non-Surgical Hair Replacement system gives you a natural look and appearance without hampering your life style. The NSHR is made of a porous LACE base by Injecting human hair identical to your own natural hair. It all begins by giving the scalp measurement and hair sample. Our trained hair stylists will take the measurement and will help you with the fitting once your NSHR system is back in India.

Other benefits include:

Immense flexibility: Unlike traditional Wigs, Waves, Hair Bonding You get complete flexibility to style your hair anyway with a complete natural look.

Scientifically Maintained systems: Ensuring that no allergies, skin conditions, autoimmune effects or clinical alopecia symptoms.

Unrestricted Lifestyle: It will not restrict lifestyle or activities in any way. You could go swimming, gymming right after the procedure.

100% Success: NSHR works effectively on all conditions, no matter how mild or severe, from partial thinning to complete and utter alopecia universalis. NSHR results are guaranteed. It is not dependent upon your biology to enhance your lifestyle:.

Look Good: restoring your hair will make you look years younger.

Feel Good: Looking younger makes you feel younger. Great hair improves your confidence, giving you freedom in all areas of your life.

Earn more: Studies show that more attractive people earn on average 15% more. It only makes sense that when you look good, you feel good, and you can do everything better – even earning money!

What should be my Minimum & Maximum Age for going ahead with Hair Transplant?

The minimum age to undergo hair transplant is 18 years. And for our seniors, “There is no age to look good”. As long as you are physically & medically fit you are all se t for your transplant.

In case my Donor Area is weak what are my options?

Our first priority is to give you a head full of natural hair. If your Donor area is not strong to give enough hair to cover the bald area we also have the option for going for Body Hair Transplant. However if you have extremely weak donor area or are bald beyond a certain point you can opt for a Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System. Our Revolutionary Injected Lace Systems ensures that you get a head full of natural hair, without any restrictions on your life style.

Name the Centers where i can get the Body Hair Transplant procedure performed.

All our centers have special services like BHT, Beard Transplant and Eyebrow Reconstruction among others available.

So how do I go ahead?

Thank you for accepting that you need help. Once you are ready for the procedure come to us and book your date of the procedure so that we can keep the OT for that day scheduled for you. Along with the OT our doctor will mark you on the schedule and shall be booked for you for that day. We charge a minimal of INR 20,000/- The Initial Booking Amount is adjusted in the final bill, the rest of the amount can be paid on the day of the procedure before your treatment starts.

What will be my validity of doing the procedure?

Ok … once you book you need to do the procedure within 40 days of your Booking Date subject to availability of desired dates. In case you would like to have a validity between 41 days to 90 days you will need to pay an Initial Booking Amount of INR 40000/- and in case you would like to have a Validity of more than 90 days till a Year then you will need to make an entire upfront payment of the Total Procedure Amount.