In the near future, you may possibly want to alter your hair transplant treatment to suit your age of preferences. For this reason, we developed in our clinic the D’FI™ / D’FI+™ / Hybrid™ hair transplant treatment that can be as flexible as your lifestyle. When we developed D’FI™ / D’FI+™ / Hybrid™ in iGraft, we carefully considered any changes that our clients would want, to give them these options.

Further hair transplant

For people who have hair loss issues due to genetics, like alopecia and male pattern baldness, it may become inevitable that even after the transplant, there may still arise other balding spots. We understand this predicament which is why we will facilitate you in having repeat sessions with us to give you the best hair transplant that you have received earlier. You will still undergo the same methods and procedures without causing any harm on the previous transplanted areas.

Bad Hair Transplant @ some-other place

Many a times, it is seen that because of wrong practices applied outside, the results were not achieved or wrong (like-angle of growth of hair, density failure etc.), these cases can again be altered and corrected with D’FI™ / D’FI+™ / Hybrid™ hair transplant or Lace Units.

Side profile change

Side profiles or side burns can come in different shapes, sizes and density. We can provide you with the side hair transplants if ever you may want to have it more defined. We can also alter the shape to make them less defined.

Hair line alteration

We provide our clients the option to alter their hairline further if they are not satisfied with the original output. In this way, you can choose the angle and look of your hairline to suit your facial features.

Fix previous hair transplants

In our clinic, we understand our clients who have received hair transplant procedures from other clinics and doctors. Some have come to us and ask for help on what they can do about the scarring that occurred when they had their hair transplants. With the traditional “strip method” in hair transplants, a person is more prone to scarring that are visible. We can treat this by providing further transplants that will hide the scars and promote hair growth.

Furthermore, some clients have received hair transplants that did not go as successfully as he may have wanted, wherein the transplanted hair are not growing properly and densely, leaving a scattered hair look. This is the reason why we can do the D’FI™ / D’FI+™ / Hybrid™ hair transplant or Lace Units procedure to fix these hair gaps that your previous hair transplant was not able to do. You will look much better and have an abundance of hair that will continue to grow. As such, you will have a better growing hair without giving the people the idea that you have had a transplant done.

A life treatment

Our hair and hairline are still open to major or minor changes as we age and our facial features change. In this way the original hair transplant design that you have chosen when you were in your 20s or 30s may no longer suit you when you reach your seventies. In this way, we will let you decide and choose how you would like to have changes on your hair transplants and make your hair appropriate to your age and lifestyle.

In our clinic, we believe that a person must be the one who should decide and dictate what he or she should look like as he goes through the different stages in his life. This is the reason why we are with you in every step of the way, ensuring that you will no longer have to face the problem of hair loss and ugly hair growth ever again. We promote every person’s individuality and that his hair says a lot about his personality. This is the reason why we will continue to offer you any further treatment and revisions that you may need, ensuring you that you will never have to feel inferior again.