DFI+ Hair Transplant – iGraft’s most LOVED Technique

DFI+ at iGraft restores self confidence along with lost hair. Its The Ultimate NO ROOT TOUCHING TECHNIQUE discovered

Ask a balding person the importance and grief of every falling hair. It is a mighty blow to his self confidence as well as his ego. Many people ignore the signs of the onset of the problem until they have lost a considerable amount of hair, and by the time they realize the crisis, there is no looking back. At this stage, people are forced to turn to hair transplant techniques to restore their lost bounty and beauty. But even then they face hesitation because of lack of guidance and consultation as to which implant technique to opt for among the most trending and advanced procedures.

DFI+ at iGraft:

At iGraft, our endeavor is to help who face balding issues but are repelled at the idea of scars and stitches. Our expertise in the DFI+ procedure helps to deliver a pain free and hassle free experience for hair transplant with minimum discomfort to our patients who opt to undergo this procedure. The motto of this transplant technique is ZERO follicle wastage.

DFI+ stands for Direct Follicle Implant Plus. It is the most trending procedure today for successful hair transplant as it is relatively quick and painless.

Let us understand the process involved in the transplant

Unlike other transplant procedures, the patient does not have to shave his head before the process of hair transplant.  A local anesthesia is delivered to the patient just before the start of the transplant. After this hair follicles are extracted directly from the donor area i.e. the back of the scalp which usually does not face baldness. These extracted hair follicles are collected, counted & coated with PLASMA fertilizers and directly implanted in the balding areas. After the procedure, the implanted area looks like shrubs of hair. After about a period of five months, desired look is achieved.

But why is DFI+ a better option from other transplant techniques:

  • As compared to the Chinese or the manual mechanisms used in other procedures, iGraft DFI+ uses smart Hi Tech equipment which uses the optics technique distinguish 1 or 2 or 3 follicular units.
  • The best part about DFI+ is that as compared to FUT and FUE it does not leave behind ugly scars as a painful reminder of the implant procedure both in harvested & implanted area, because of least punch system.
  • The patient is hence free to immediately resume his day to day life after the procedure.
  • Because the follicles are directly implanted after preservation of harvested follicles in PLASMA fertiliizer, there are minimum chances of wastage of precious follicles. The wastage is thus ZERO. because highest survival rate of the follicles for the time that they are out of the scalp as compared to the saline solutions and NS RL solutions used by FUE/FUT & other methods which are not optimum enough to conserve the follicles for long time.
  • The specially designed and patented equipment cause only a pin prick of discomfort to the patients as compared to the extraction of follicles process by scalpels.
  • In other procedures follicles are usually extracted with forceps which damages the hair follicles root resulting in lower success rate of implanted hair as compared to DFI+ which indulges in use of specialized equipments for NO ROOT TOUCHING to reduce the chances of damage to the hair follicles resulting in higher success rate.

Why is DFI+ at IGraft the best solution discovered and a boon for people suffering from baldness?

Our highly experienced and committed team of doctors are equipped with the latest technology at iGraft which are not only competent to perform the procedure but also research and develop new procedures for implants which are designed keeping in mind to inflict minimal discomfort on the patient as well as deliver a highly successful procedure by minimal wastage of hair follicles.