September 19, 2018 Hair Transplant  v/s Cosmetic

Hair Transplant v/s Cosmetic

As a person looking for hair loss solutions, you might have come across terms like Transplant and Cosmetic. And you might have wondered: What exactly is the difference. Maybe one is surgical, the other less invasive? Maybe one has more options than the other?


Well, to clear away all that confusion, we at iGraft decided to bring you a comprehensive list of the

Top 10 Differences between Transplant and Cosmetic Procedure


One is Surgical, the other is not

Transplant as you would know, is a surgical process whereas Cosmetic procedures, as the name suggests are completely cosmetic in nature.

Donor Area Matters. Or Not.

For Transplant, the possibilities are limited to donor area. But as far as cosmetic is concerned, donor area plays no role in the process.

Limited Coverage V. Covering the Entire Scalp

Transplant only gives you a limited coverage of your scalp, but with cosmetic procedure, your entire scalp can be covered to give you the look of a full head of hair.

Own hair V. Owning New Hair

In Transplant, your own hair will be used and after the procedure, your own hair will grow from the scalp. With cosmetic, you will get 100% identical hair, but NOT growing from your own scalp.



Science+Art V. Purely Art

Transplant involves Science (i.e. the surgery) as well as Art (defining a hairline). Cosmetic on the other hand involves mastery over a highly technical form of cosmetic art.

Hormonal Changes Matter. Or Do They?

Transplant is heavily affected by the hormonal changes your body goes through, as it is a surgery. But your hormones don’t have any effect on your cosmetic procedure at all.

 Limited Options V. Unlimited Possibilities

After undergoing transplant, you will have limited options with styling your hair due to the fact that it’s your own hair from your donor area, growing out of a different part of your scalp. But with the cosmetic procedure, the possibilities are endless. You can change your hairstyle every day. The Pompadour Hairstyles are popular with cosmetic patients.

More hair than you were born with?

Transplant cannot give you more hair than you were born with? How can it? You can’t just increase the number of hairs on your scalp. But with Cosmetic, it doesn’t matter as it is a non-surgical method. You can have more hair than you ever did.

Dietary Maintenance – Needed or Not?

Transplant involves, surgery, medication, anaesthesia, hormonal changes – and a dietary maintenance is always strongly recommended. But the diet doesn’t affect the patient of a non-surgical cosmetic process as much or at all.

Must Plant Hair on Scalp Naturally Or Flow Freely

Again, it’s your own hair and your own scalp, so it must be planted in the direction of your natural hair in your transplant surgery. But Cosmetic procedures has free flowing possibilities of hair growing in any direction.

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