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The Role of a Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant surgery is necessary for hair growth when bald patches become clearly visible. However, resurrecting this bald area of the scalp requires surgical expertise as well as aesthetic one on the part of the surgeon. Hair makes each individual look distinct in a unique manner. Hence, it is important for the surgeon to picture your ideal look before a hair transplant. On the other hand, an inexperienced surgeon can miscalculate the required number of grafts required for a hair transplant. This would result in two negative outcomes: The donor area would start displaying bald patches or the surgery would fail as the minimum number of grafts are not implanted in the recipient area.

Non-Surgical Hair Growth Solutions

On average, individuals lose about 50-100 hair a day. When hair loss crosses this limit, non-surgical methods are available to control hair loss. These solutions include Cold Beam Laser Treatment (CBL), Rich Plasma Platelet Laser Service (RPPL), cosmetic lace and medications. CBL is a laser treatment first discovered in the 60s. This treatment is extremely safe and pregnant women can use it as well.

CBL treatment employs the use of laser therapy to activate the center of hair cells known as Mitochondria. This results in higher blood flow, intake of oxygen and heals the hair effectively.

If you are facing major hair loss issue, you may want to combine the laser therapy along with derma roller treatment and medications. This comprehensive treatment can help clean hair roots from DHT, take blood flow to the natural level and add essential mineral to boost your hair growth. This treatment is known as RPPL or Rich Plasma Platelet Laser service.

If you are an entrepreneur or a public figure, you would not be able to bear a hair loss at all. Hence, people such as these can opt for a quick, custom-made and guaranteed solution for hair replacement. The solution is cosmetic lace. It is a hair lace system which is designed to be completely invisible and undetectable as the base of this system is made to blend in with a color skin individually. This system can be fixed to one’s scalp if required.

Surgical Hair Growth Solutions

Surgical hair solutions become necessary when bald patches start showing up. It is important to undergo this surgery when you are young as opposed to waiting. This surgery relies on extracting hair from your scalp. As one gets old, baldness becomes more prominent and there is fewer hair left for surgeons to transplant.

The two most well-known options for hair transplant are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). In an FUE, hair strands are removed individually with a punching method. In a FUT, a small strip of skin tissue is removed and hair is extracted later for implantation purposes. These two methods do not differ in the way surgeons use the extracted hair strands for implantation.

Individuals can also opt for a more advanced method of hair implant which is Direct Follicle Implant (DFI). In this method, hair extracted from the back of the scalp are immediately implanted in the bald area. During a traditional implant method, delay in implanting hair follicles can lower the quality of grafts due to uncertain exposure to the environment. DFI improves the quality of grafts as well as lowers follicle wastage.

If you want to ensure quality hair follicles and minimum wastage of hair follicles, it would be useful to consider a Direct Follicle Implant (DFI). In this treatment, hair strands extracted are immediately implanted onto the scalp. As hair strands are not exposed to the physical environment, they do not risk infection, bacteria exposure and other risks. Studies have proven that DFI treatment increases the success rate of hair transplants by improving the quality of grafts available to surgeons.