August 19, 2018

Hair Transplant: Perfection, the only option

Your hairline is arguably the most noticeable part of your face – after all, it’s where your forehead ends, and your hair begins. It is therefore no surprise that most of us begin to notice a receding hairline before any other kind of hair loss. If the hairline does not look natural, then the hair transplant will be noticeable. Not just by you, but by everyone around you. A hair transplant should be seen, but never noticed. Any form of hair transplantation can result in poor hairlines if the ‘surgeon’ lacks an understanding of how a natural-looking hairline should be created.

If the surgeon fails to consider any future hair loss at the design stage, then it can leave you with an unnatural and an inappropriate look that will only become more pronounced and obvious with the passage of time

Even if you suffer from patterned hair loss, you will still continue to lose your existing hair throughout your lifetime. That’s a crucial factor to consider when it comes to designing a natural hair line as this is a permanent solution. If not done right, one will have to live with it for the lifetime. This is the principle at the core of our design approach at iGraft! The goal is always to design a hair line that will looks natural regardless of patient’s future hair loss.

When designing the hair transplant we take into consideration:

  • The patient’s age
  • The patient’s facial features and dimensions.
  • Personality and Profession
  • The amount of donor hair available
  • Any potential future hair loss

Based on the above factors an outline is drawn that will form the new hairline.

It is important to plant the hair in the direction of the growing hair. After all, it is what an individual is born with. For the first line of hairline, we only must use follicles that give one hair per root. This way, it does not look clogged and the hairline is defined properly.

An individual’s skin will mature with time but the hairline will not change as this is a permanent solution. Therefore, our operating surgeon will always look at the best possible option for the patient when designing the hairline to make it look 100% natural and undetectable even 10 years down the line.

How can this be achieved?

With iGraft DFI+ technique you can achieve this seamlessly. Special selected follicles are used to create the boundary with the correct angles as per the direction of hair in order to achieve this complete Natural look

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