September 19, 2018 Hair Fall V/S Hair Loss

Hair Fall V/S Hair Loss

On the surface, hair fall and hair loss may sound and even look the same. But they are just two easily confusable terms to one who is not clear about the difference. What the multitudes of advertisements never tell you is that Hair Fall is part of a natural cycle that your hair goes through. Hair Loss, on the other hand is something that you should seek treatment for.

Hair Fall

Your hair is part of your skin and your skin sheds itself periodically and your hair has a similar cycle. Your hair grows, sheds, rests and grows again. A hair usually grows for 4 years among males and 6 years among females. The hair cycle is broadly categorized in 4 stages:

  • Anagen (When your hair grows thick and strong)
  • Catagen (When your hair roots start degenerating)
  • Telogen (When your hair stops growing completely)
  • Early Anagen (When your old hair falls and new hair grows)

Hair Fall takes place a little

bit every day, but too fine for you to notice. It’s perfectly natural and doesn’t have long lasting effect on the appearance of your hair.


Hair Loss

Clinically speaking, Hair Loss occurs when your hair doesn’t move to the Anagen phase after the Telogen phase and cycle of hair regrowth is broken. There are a number of reasons that could lead to hair loss:

  • Hereditary hair loss
  • Aging
  • Over reactive immune system
  • Drugs and treatments
  • External environmental stress on your hair
  • Harsh hair care products

When the enzymes in your body turn the testosterone into DiHydroTestosterone (DHT), it blocks the growth of the hair by stopping the blood nourishment and oxygen supply to the hair. This leads to hair thinning and eventually hair loss. This can be reversed if detected at an early stage. If the stage is advanced and the follicles are dead, it is irreversible.



Hair Loss can be of various types. Not all of them are treatable however, at iGraft, we can provide a solution irrespective of your condition.






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