November 15, 2017

Do’s and Don’ts after a Hair Transplant

Most people believe bald men are bold, but while that is also true, there are also bald men who do not prefer to be bald and would rather have a full head of hair. Unfortunately, hair loss comes with age and is, therefore, an irresistible possibility for a majority of men once they reach a certain age. The good news is there are now many ways to address a declining hairline and accelerated baldness, one of which is the hair transplant.

Do’s after hair transplant

  • DO remember all the instructions given by your surgeon for postoperative hair transplant care. While there are general guidelines for most hair transplants, it is best to take care to the instructions given by the person who administered your hair transplant, as that person knows what post-surgery care is best for your case.
  • DO have the clinic’s contact number saved on your phone and taped to your fridge so that you or a family member may reach your surgeon in case of adverse side effects or emergencies.
  • DO keep your scalp dry especially on the first day to allow for the skin to heal.
  • DO keep the area around your scalp clean throughout recovery. While there may be soreness and numbness in the grafted area, refrain from putting anything on your scalp, which has not been approved by your surgeon as it may only bring negative side effects.
  • DO take care of your scar. As with any surgery, there will be a certain amount of scarring and itchiness when you get a hair transplant. You can apply the antibiotic topical cream your surgeon has given you to prevent infection and reduce scalp irritation and swelling. Otherwise, call the surgeon for any medication you can use.
  • DO take painkillers if you experience pain and discomfort 3 to 4 hours post-surgery. This is roughly the time it takes for the anesthesia to wear off and you may experience minor soreness or swelling.

Don’ts after hair transplant

  • DON’T drink alcohol for the first five days after the procedure as it interferes with the blood supply to the head.
  • DON’T play sports or perform exercise until a week after the surgery. Exercises with minimal exertion may be resumed around 10 days after the procedure. Sports with body contact, such as basketball or soccer, is prohibited until about a month.
  • DON’T engage in activities that would cause excessive sweating. Perspiration increases the risk of getting an infection to a great extent. It would also be wise to reschedule that steam bath or sauna appointment until the next month or so for the same reason.
  • DON’T regularly bend over, lean forward or blow your nose violently on the first week.
  • DON’T expose you to direct sunlight immediately after and even a few days after the procedure, especially if the scalp is still swollen. If going outdoors in daytime is unavoidable, wear a hat.
  • DON’T touch or fidget with the newly-grafted scalp. A little itching and some soreness are normal side effects, so picking at or rubbing the sore scalp might result in the new grafts falling out before they can have a chance to grow.
  • DON’T smoke for an entire month after the surgery as doing so can interrupt blood flow to your hair follicles. Blood flow is crucial for the growth of new hair, as such, refraining from, or even better, completely giving up smoking can hasten the growth of your hair.

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