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iGraft hair transplant clinic in Pune is said to be the most renowned clinic. Hair treatment is not only the aspect which makes it high standing (esteemed) but also the stuff services and our world-class types of equipment. Keeping in mind the hygiene values of the patients.

Reasons for Hair Loss

It is estimated that around 2% of the world population suffers from hair loss. Hair loss occurs due to many reasons such as genetics, pollution, stress, scalp injuries, etc. Men who have baldness in the family are at increased risk for baldness. These men can blame the DHT or Di- hydro-testosterone for their condition. This hormone attaches itself to the hair roots. The deposition of these hormones at the roots stops oxygen and blood flow to a hair strand. This results in the end of the road for a hair strand which does not receive the much-needed blood and oxygen supply.

What is a Hair Transplant Treatment?

Hair transplantation is a promising surgical method of treating baldness. During the surgery, hair at the back of the head or on the body is removed and implanted in the required area.

iGraft Hair Transplant in Pune
iGraft Hair Transplant in Pune

The Role of a Hair Transplant Surgery

The hair at the back of the hair and sides of the head does not have receptor sites which are responsible for the DHT deposition. Hence, male pattern baldness is usually seen on the top of the scalp. Consequently, hair from the sides, back and sometimes body hair are used to reverse baldness with the help of a surgery. This surgery is known as the hair transplant surgery.

Non-Surgical Hair Growth Solutions

There are two main surgical solutions available for people facing baldness. These two are FUE and FUT treatment. There are also many non-surgical treatment methods available. These include cosmetic lace, Cold Beam Laser Treatment (CBL) and Rich Plasma Platelet Laser Service (RPPL).

Cosmetic lace is a quick, reliable and custom-made solution to hair loss. For more details about this solution, click here. Cold Beam Laser (CBL) Treatment is a laser therapy targeted at mitochondria, the energy center of our cells to make them more active. This therapy results in more blood flow, more oxygen, platelets, and other healing properties. You can read more about this therapy, here. The third treatment, RPPL is a combination of CBL, derma roller treatment and medications. The objective of this treatment is straightforward: Clean DHT deposited from roots, engage Blood supply & add minerals. You can read more about this treatment, here.

Surgical Hair Growth Solutions

As mentioned above, there are two surgical options available for a hair transplant. FUE and FUT. FUT method extracts hair from the back of a scalp using a strip. On the other hand, during an FUE procedure hair are extracted using a punch tool one by one. The implantation method is exactly the same for both of these.

There are more advanced medical practices available too. People who are looking to get better results by extraction of better quality hair grafts should consider Direct Follicle Implant (DFI). In a DFI treatment, hair extracted from the back of the scalp are immediately implanted on to the scalp. This saves follicle wastage which occurs as hair follicles in traditional FUE is exposed to various environmental risks without the direct implantation. As one saves more follicles, more hair can be implanted in the recipient area to ensure an ideal hair growth. You can read more about DFI treatment here.

Why Choose Pune for a Hair Transplant?

Pune is experiencing a boom as a hair transplant destination. Being a major city in India, much like other cities, people experience the ill-effects of pollution, stress and are increasingly becoming conscious of their looks. The young and corporate crowd in Pune also have soared the demand to be beautiful for everyone. If you do decide to get a hair transplant in Pune, you can be sure that you will find the best treatment available along with a fabulous service to meet your desires.

Hair Transplant in Pune

About Pune

Pune, once known as the ‘home of the pensioners’ is racing its way to top to become a major metro city in India. However, don’t be fooled by the buzz going around about its gigantic strands in the right direction; Pune has lots more hidden deep underneath its simple looks. This city is a blessing for nature enthusiasts. It is surrounded by valleys, Sahyadri mountains, and endless trekking adventures. Pune is also competing with Bangalore to become the Silicon Valley of India. The city may have a lot to catch up as of now, but the city of youth will embrace the change with open arms.

Hair Transplant Cost in Pune

Hair transplant cost in India is far below western countries which make Pune an attractive hair transplant stopping place for many. In developed countries, costs of hair transplant can range from 250 Rupees to 580 Rupees per graft. Same hair transplant in Pune can cost anything between 40 to 100 per graft.

Other factors that determine Hair Transplant Costs   

1.Your level of baldness and hair thinning.

2.Your desired density of hair.

3.Your donor area.

4.Your desired way of hair transplant.

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